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Already translated FAQs

Quick Answers
How do I ...

About LiveJournal
What is LiveJournal?
How did LiveJournal get started? Who runs it now?
How can I help?
How do I suggest new features or improvements for LiveJournal?
Which journals are officially sponsored by LiveJournal?

Site Navigation Features
How do I view LiveJournal in a different language?
How do I change the appearance of the main LiveJournal pages?
What are the options when I log in?
What is the "Expire all my sessions" option when I log out?
What are "Memories"? How do I use this feature?
What are LiveJournal's limitations on data?
How does my Calendar work?
What is a LiveJournal to-do list? How do I use it?
What are interests? How do I add or remove them?
How do I find people on LiveJournal?

How do I create an account? How do I get started?
What are the different account types?
How do I delete/undelete my entire journal?
How do I validate my e-mail address?
How can I change the e-mail address that LiveJournal uses?
How do I change my username?
How do I change my password?
How do I retrieve a forgotten username or password?
Can I have the username of an abandoned journal?
What is the policy on account trading? Why should I not accept a traded account?
How do I choose a secure password? How do I keep my account secure?
What should I do if someone breaks into my LiveJournal account?
What is a cluster? Which cluster is my account stored on?

Paid Accounts
What are the Paid Account benefits?
What happens to my Paid Account when it expires?
How do I read and manage my LiveJournal e-mail?
What is the "Express Lane"? What benefit does it offer?
How do I add a poll to a journal entry?

Account Payments
How do I buy a Paid Account? - Q only
How do I buy a Paid Account for somebody else? - Q only

User Pictures
What are user pictures? How do I upload them?
How many user pictures can I have? - Q only

Friends & Security Levels
What are custom friends groups? How do I use them?

What is a community? - Q only
How do I find a community? - Q only
How do I join a community and read its entries on my Friends page?

Community Management
How do I create a community? - Q only
How do I give another user maintainership of my community?
I no longer want my community. What are my options? - Q only

Conflicts with Other Users
How do I contact the Abuse Team?
Someone is harassing me! What steps should I take? - Q only
What kind of material is prohibited on LiveJournal?
My account has been suspended! How can I get it back?

General: Pages 1-40
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