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Questions, Doubts and that kind of stuff..

Okay, so I'm back at translating a bit and eventually I have a bunch of things I'd like to discuss with erm.. the huge translating team *stares at all the empty seats* Alright, just with you, pne :)

Here is a list with words I'm not sure how they should be translated, so any suggestions would be more than welcome.

web browser = προγραμμα περιήγησης?
downloadable client = no clue... Maybe πελάτης που μπορείς να κατεβάσεις? it's too big :/
custom friends groups = If you translate this according to the vocabulary entry we have, you get "ομάδες φίλων προσωπικής επιλογής" and that's how I entered it. But wouldn't it be betterif we said instead "προσωπικές ομάδες φίλων"? It's smaller and more handy..
URL = ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση
In URLs, there are things like "exampleusername", "group 1" etc. Will these remain the same? Also, "Default View" group is going to get translated and if so, how?
web interface = ?
highlight = τονίζω?
download = κατεβάζω?
documentation = εγχειρίδιο? I'm not even sure where this is referring to...
log in page = σελίδα σύνδεσης ή σελίδα εισόδου?
Will the "welcome to livejournal" email be sent in greek on english?
validate = επικυρώνω?
link = σύνδεσμος?
set up your personal info = προσθέτω τις προσωπικές μου πληροφορίες?
suspended account = ανεσταλμένος λογαριασμός? περιορισμένος λογαριασμός?

Also, for the FAQs referring to invite codes, I added a TBTL (To Be Translated Later), so we won't miss any of them when we're done with the others. That is, if we're ever done with them :S

Just a few questions, I know, but I just don't want to write whatever that comes to my mind.

Edit: After all, we keep the term "FAQ"? I started translating this to "Συνηθισμένες Ερωτήσεις", but if something else was decided, I can change it to something else. I couldn't understand what you agreed on after all in the other entry.
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